Space Camera 4 (TEDx)

7 Nov 2011


For TEDx 2011, I was asked to do a talk about the ‘space camera’ projects. I decided I’d do a live launch during the talk, and show the images live.

TEDx Delft Video

Flight Statistics

Cost €140 (just helium+balloon)
Launch 13:25 (07-11-2011, Delft)
Ascent rate 5.95m/s
Burst 15:11
Touchdown 15:50 (07-11-2011, Rotterdam)
Recovery 15:57
Flight Time 2h32m
Max. Altitude 37800m±200m extrapolated
Total Weight ~800g
Main Payload Beagleboard/GPS/Powershot A410/Radio
Pictures Taken 190 Pictures
Pictures Sent Live 32 Pictures
Pictures Received Live 32 Pictures
Max Data Rate 600 baud (bits/s)
Radio Power 10mW (434.653MHz, 8n2)


We had lost connection to the payload, but someone in Rotterdam found it on the street, and called us up for the $100 bounty. Immediatelly when it landed, a woman got it. It landed 20 meters from the river Maas in Rotterdam. She tried to call us (i didnt pick up, I was attending a TEDx Delft talk, she thought it was a bomb, so “She opened it ” (=ripped the whole front off). Then she called the police, which said “Oh yeah we know about that, it’s not a bomb”, then I called her, picked it up after a 15 minute drive!



Raw launch footage from keychain camera

Costyn’s Video during launch


Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image


Daniela; Mathijs, the universalis; Onno and Toine for the talk support; Jacco Hoekstra and Simone for the opportunity; the whole TEDxDelft crew; UKHAS members, specifically Philip (yet again), James and ‘Darkside’ for some last minute tips; Wouter, Wouter and Costyn for the help; All the operators who tuned in to help with the transmission; The videoguys at the auditorium.


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  • TODO(tzaman): Add microprocessor code.
  • TODO(tzaman): Add printed circuit board (PCB) design files