Space Camera 5 (for TV)

24 November 2011 (launch)
1 Feb 2012 (on TV)


This launch was done for a Dutch national tv programme called ‘Proefkonijnen’ (BNN broadcasting).

This was a dual payload launch. The first payload contained most importantly a Instant-Film ‘Polaroid’ (Fujifilm) camera (not a real Polaroid). And some simple electronics with a GPS/radio system as a backup for the first payload. That first payload contained the Live image stream payload for live image transmission together with a GPS. It also included various other sensors, and, two GoPro Hero camera’s for “BNN” which is a dutch broadcasting agency. They have a pseudo-science show in which they try to ask scientific questions like “Can one take a photograph from space”. Well, obviously, yes that can be done. The other question was more fun though, “Do polaroids develop in space?”. Well, the answer is kinda. This was our very first test, with the very first instantfilms or ‘polaroids’ ever taken and developed in space.

Broadcast was on Dutch national television, NED3, at 21:40 on Wednesday 1 Feb.

We tracked the balloon during flight by two “chase” cars. This is what we say during the flights. We got its GPS position by the small radiotransmitter that we received in our car-radio’s.

Live Transmission

Screenshot of the live in-persuit video footage received

Screenshot of the live in-persuit tracking

Flight Statistics

Cost €0 (Helium+Balloon donated by BNN)
Launch 12:14 (24-11-2011 Laren, Netherlands)
Touchdown 14:02 (24-11-2011 Pannerden, Netherlands (Gelderland))
Burst 13:38
Flight Time 1h48m
Max. Altitude 25.901 m
Total Weight Payload 1 ~1500g
Total Weight Payload 2 ~1000g
Main Payload Beagleboard/GPS/Radio/Canon Powershot/2x GoPro Hero
2nd Payload Arduino/GPS/Radio/Polaroid Camera
Pictures Received Live 10 Pictures
Video Recorded 6 hours of full HD 1080p [50Gb]
Minimum inside temp -26°C (!!!!!) This is extremely cold for inside temp
Radio Power 10mW (434.653MHz & 434.075MHz)


Flight trajectory

Temperature and altitude over time

Temperature and battery level over time


  • TODO(tzaman): Add microprocessor code here.


Mathijs de Wit & the BNN team.