Hello. I’m Tim Zaman - I work at NVIDIA Tesla and also X (Twitter) Google Deepmind. I am responsible for the some AI infra. Think sw for big iron.

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Distributed clogging at scale. If you were wondering; then yes, I am from Holland - though based in SF Bay Area.

I am a mechanical engineer at heart (MSc biorobotics), but I am a lazy human so I just sit down on my chair and do software.

I ran my own company until 2016, working with software and hardware for cameras systems serving many international customers like the Smithsonian Museum, MoMa and many others. During this, I also pursued a part-time PhD on imaging devices for cultural heritage. But I got into AI and persued that at NVIDIA and at Tesla and also at X (Twitter) but now they call it AGI at Google Deepmind.

Radio operator callsign: PD4TA.




Tim in fd 2022